From an interview with Grace, a real Lizzy.: "I would tell the Lizzy Lins of the world to keep exploring the question 'Who am I?' Everone struggles with their answers. It's a process, but always remember you're a beautiful Chinese American girl."

Jade and Ginger MFCC  Issue 4 No. 3, May, 1999




“The Joy Luck Family”


We are now complete. Maia Jinzhi has rounded out our family. Emily Jingwen has an awesome new sister, and we have a precious new daughter. Dick and I cannot believe we are so lucky – twice. Nor can we believe how tired we are. Someone at work asked me if having two children is harder than one. Omigosh, it is a lot of work, but it’s joyous work.



On our second trip to Hunan Province to adopt Maia, we were greeted with so many positive, thumbs-up signs from all sorts of people, from the waitresses to the folks on the street. They were very supportive of these beautiful girls finding permanent homes.


Because all of us in our group were second-time adopting parents, we had more relaxed time to people watch. Two-year-old Emmie really got into the spirit. “This is China,” she’d tell the camera during our two-week stay. When we got back home to Wisconsin, she wanted to see the video right away.

I hope we can keep those memories alive as our daughters incorporate their Chinese heritage into their adoptive American culture.

Having Maia in our joy luck family has increased our loving potential.


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