The Real Lizzy

          "Why are you in a class for real Chinese girls, not adopted ones?"

         Eleven-year-old Lizzy is stunned when confronted about why she is in a class for "real" not adopted Chinese girls. She'd only signed up because her mom wanted her to get in touch with the heritage and culture of her birth country. Worse, her orphanage crib mate and sorta sister, Zoe sides with the dancer and agrees - Lizzy is a banana - yellow on the outside and white on the inside. She feels like punching them all but knows that won't solve her problem.


         Lizzy doesn't need the grief. Besides, she lives for playing soccer with her best friend, Sara. 



         But when the new kid on her soccer team calls her Slant Eyes, Lizzy has to act. What's with all the name calling? She turns everyone against him saying he's a Loser, with a capital L. Great. Now she's the meanie.


       How will she set everyone straight while finding out who she really is?


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