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Currently, I'm a Madison area middle grade writer. I was one of six kids, and all five of us girls shared one bedroom. My only brother had his own room with a tiny closet, filled with all of our coats. That was my favorite place to hide and read. Armed with a flashlight, I'd escape to Narnia until Mom called me to do chores. She always knew where to find me.

Today I escape to my favorite spot by the fireplace to indulge in my second love - writing books about middle graders, whom I taught and counseled for over thirty years.

I also love traveling, cheering on Wisconsin's Bucky Badger and gazing at the solar eclipse with my husband and two daughters.

A new joy in my life is my newborn grandson from my son Jacob and his wife Molly.

Lizzy, a Chinese adopted eleven-year old struggles with setting people straight about who she really is. She plays soccer with Sara who struggles with adjusting to her blended family -- an autistic bio brother, a mean step brother, Marcus, and a half sister. Marcus struggles with losing his mother and adjusting to life with his estranged father. Who lives next door to his former babysitter, his perpetrator. Joey is Marcus' skateboarding friend. He struggles with balancing his cool boarder rep with his secret love of gardening. They all survive with resilient hearts.


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