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About the Author

Storyteller at Heart

I'm a Madison area middle grade writer. I was one of six kids, and all five of us girls shared one bedroom. My only brother had his own room with a tiny closet, filled with all of our coats. That was my favorite place to hide and read. Armed with a flashlight, I'd escape to Narnia until Mom called me to do chores. She always knew where to find me.

Today I escape to my favorite spot by the fireplace to indulge in my second love - writing books about middle graders, whom I taught and counseled for over thirty years.

I also love traveling, cheering on Wisconsin's Bucky Badger, biking, gardening, and hanging out with my family which is my constant joy.

Picture books

Picture Books

Blankie, Bella, and Cat are inseparable-three Best Friends Forever united by their childhood bonds of love and play. But when Cat passes away, and Bella's mother and brother threaten to take Blankie away, Bella fights back.

She hatches a plan to give Blankie a makeover and transforms her best friend into something new.

Blankie's Makeover is a powerful lesson in resilience, the undeniable power of friendship, and the beauty of embracing change while remaining true to oneself.

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Jack and the Snackasaurus is dedicated to my adult son Jacob who can read this adventurous tale featuring imaginary friends with his son. Gingko Finds Her Forever Home is dedicated to my two adopted daughters, Emily and Maia, my forever daughters.

snackasurus cover.jpg

Gingko and her best friend Natalie set off on an adventure to find the adopted Chinese tree a forever earthen home. They encounter a rude dog at the park and a stinky smell at the zoo. At last they discover the almost perfect spot. And then the storm hits the conservancy.

gingko cover.jpg

Middle Grade Books

I learned from my middle school counselees that pain is universal. Be they adopted, autistic, victim, or questioning. Hope is also universal but usually hidden away like their deep secrets. These same students just want the world to not give up on them. These middle grade novels' protagonists share some of their stories. One seventh grade boy told me he just wanted someone to tell his story, but "give it a happy ending."

My stories offer hope for healing.

Middle Grade


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